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Council Election is Coming November 5, 2013


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About Us

LFP GOV WATCH is a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens who want ensure that our City remains livable, affordable, and sustainable. Our goal is to raise awareness about the activities of our local government, to encourage citizens to take a more active role in our City, and to support the candidates that we evaluated as being most effective in keeping our City sustainable. LFP GOV WATCH was founded by the core group of individuals who were former council members, active on commissions, and active in the Vote No on Proposition 1 campaign.

View all of our public records here since May 2011.

LFP GOV WATCH Mission Statement

As a nonpartisan citizen’s organization, we work to keep Lake Forest Park livable, affordable, and sustainable by advocating a responsible City government.

“The City wants more $$ and I have fewer $$.”

– Ken Simkins